Upcoming Meetings

Our next membership meeting is October 20th. Our chapter has resumed in-person monthly membership meetings from 7-9PM on the third Thursday of each month at Bellevue First United Methodist Church (see map). For those who prefer to attend virtually, we offer a remote option via a Zoom session from a laptop computer camera and microphone. 

Members, friends, and newcomers are welcome to attend, as together we create a circle of confidential support and education. Please note some key changes from previous in-person meetings:

  • We now meet in a large multipurpose room at our host church, which is not the smaller parlor we used pre-Covid for meetings but where we held our yearly potluck.  There, we set up folding chairs for more separated seating. When you enter the church door, turn left at the first hallway and look for our sign.
  • We abide by our host church’s new safety protocols (vaccination and masking required) as well as all their rules for guests and we strive to be respectful of their property and personnel. 
  • We still break for refreshments but with new requirements. While we always appreciate and encourage your volunteer contributions, we do request that you please not bring shared finger foods but instead “low touch” prepackaged food and drinks. For example, a box of assorted snack-size chip packages, individually wrapped sweets, or a case of beverages.
  • We remain aware of and inclusive to our remote attendees who access our in-person meeting through a Zoom session. Remote attendees can hear the meeting discussions and submit questions/comments via Zoom chat: if we have a small in-person group, remote participants may also be able to speak directly and be heard.

.For more information about our meetings, consult these resources:

  •  Meeting FAQ for a comprehensive overview,  including recent updates on new safety policies and facility terms for in-person meetings.
  • Remote Attendance FAQ for instructions on virtual attendance.
  • Our public Facebook page (you don’t have to be a Facebook member to view it) and our monthly email, which is in newsletter format and describes our meetings and events along with other pertinent news for our LGBTQ community.


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