Our Website

Our website contains information, resources, and tools for newcomers as well as long-time members. As you explore its contents, particularly the various resources it points to, please keep these guidelines in mind:

  • Consider these resources a starting point We are not explicitly recommending the materials, organizations, and services listed in these pages  to you, nor can we assure their quality and integrity. Instead, we are presenting information that we’ve heard about, so you might begin your own thorough investigation and perform due diligence.
  • Expect some resources might not be a good match Though our website is family-friendly, it does refer you to other resources that might contain explicit discussions of human sexuality and gender. The contents or appropriateness of certain materials and/or view points of organizations might not suit your needs and tastes. We hope that by presenting a wide range of options, many of which have helped other PFLAG members, you’ll find your own path of education and discovery.
  • Note the use of tag lines We  generally describe websites and organizations using their own tag lines and do not confirm whether each tag line is accurate or comprehensive.

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