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Please note that we do not provide crisis care. If you are or someone you care about is considering self harm or suicide, you deserve and need urgent help. Please immediately call 911 or a 24-Hour Crisis Help Line  for assistance.

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Our email is or you can use this form:


Reach us by Phone

You can call us at this phone number:


Our phone line is confidential and will go directly to voice mail. At the beep, please provide this information:

  • Your name, telephone number, and the best time to reach you.
  •  Indicate if we can leave a message at your provided telephone number or if you prefer that we keep trying to reach you directly.
  • Optionally, provide an email address where we can send you a message.

A volunteer will return your call shortly.

Send us postal mail

We receive postal mail via a PO box.

PFLAG Bellevue
P.O. Box 52863
Bellevue, WA 98015

Press Inquiries

We are happy to talk to members of the press about our chapter’s services and events as well as issues facing the LGBTQ community. For the most immediate response, please contact us via email or call 425-310-5390.



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