Membership Form

We need and value every member of our chapter, so together we can raise our voices for LGBTQ people against the current backlash. You can join us today, right from this page: just complete the form below and pay online via Paypal or credit card (or scroll down and learn how to print the form and pay by check). As you fill in the form, keep in mind:

  • Your membership form, whether online or hard copy, is kept confidential.
  • Remember to indicate on whether we can add you to our mailing list  You may unsubscribe at any time—we’ll still send you information on your membership.
  • You can optionally make a donation, in addition to your membership fees.

See Reasons, Rates, and More for complete membership details.

Get Your Membership Here!

This is a two-step process.  First, complete and submit the following form, specifying your member rate and optional donation (consult Reasons, Rates, and More). Second, make your electronic payment via the Donate button, located directly below this form.

Step 1: Fill in the required fields and, if desired, the optional Donation field.

Step 2. Click the Donate button to make your Payment

You can pay via Paypal or your preferred credit card. If you experience any difficulties, please contact us!


Print Membership Form and Pay By Check

  1. Print and complete our Membership form(PDF file).
  2. Write a check payable to PFLAG Bellevue/Eastside for your chosen membership rate (and, if desired, an optional donation).
  3. Bring the completed form and check to our next monthly meeting or mail them to: PFLAG Bellevue/Eastside, PO Box 52863, Bellevue, WA 98015.
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