Position of Host Churches

Many of you are aware that in 2019 the Methodist church voted in opposition of same-sex marriage and gay clergy. We would like to address any concerns that might be raised by this issue.

Of foremost importance, please note that PFLAG National and PFLAG chapters are non-sectarian, non-denominational, and not affiliated with any particular religious institution. Although some PFLAG chapter meetings—including our own—are held in buildings owned by religious communities, PFLAG chapters are not programs of, nor do they promote the religious beliefs of, those organizations.

So while our Bellevue meeting is held at Bellevue First United Methodist Church (and our past Bothell meeting was held at Bothell United Methodist Church), we have no affiliation with this church and meet there because they generously provide access to space that accommodates our needs..

We understand, however, that the current stance of the Methodist church might create discomfort and distress for some attendees. We therefore want to clarify that both of our host churches, present and past, actively oppose the Methodist vote and will continue as faith communities that affirm LGBTQ people. To that end, they remain committed to providing a safe and supportive place for LGBTQ people and their loves ones and allies.

In addition, both churches have also written letters of support to our chapter. You can read the letter from the Bellevue church here and an interview with their pastor here. For the Bothell letter, please ask one of the facilitators for a copy.

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