PFLAG Bellevue/Eastside greatly depends on your membership to support our work and improve the lives of the LGBTQ community, right here in the Eastside. We do not receive any funds from PFLAG National and are an entirely self-funding and all-volunteer organization.

When you join our chapter, we send a portion of your membership dues each year to PFLAG National in Washington DC, automatically making you also a member of PFLAG National. As a result, you receive a PFLAG bookstore discount and free access to PFLAG Academy Online.

PFLAG Bellevue/Eastside is a tax-exempt, non-profit 50l(c)(3) organization. It is not affiliated with any political or religious institution. All memberships and donations are tax deductible, according to IRS guidelines.

Member Rates

Choose from three available membership rates, all valid from October of the current year to September of the following year: Individual ($40.00), Household ($50.00), and Senior, Student or Low Income ($15.00).

In addition to choosing one of three membership types, you can optionally make a general or scholarship donation.

Form and Payment

You can pay your membership dues two different ways:

(1) Print Membership Form

Print the Membership Form (PDF file), and make a check payable to PFLAG Bellevue/Eastside. Either bring the completed form and check to the next meeting or mail them to: PFLAG Bellevue/Eastside, PO Box 52863, Bellevue, WA 98015.

(2) Online Membership Form

This is a two-step process. Step 1: first, complete and submit the following form, specifying your donation amount. Step 2: then, make your electronic payment via the PayPal Donate button, below.

Step1: Online Membership Form

Step 2: Online Membership Form



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