How to use “Getting Started”

Getting Started introduces newcomers to the LGBTQ community, whether you are LGBTQ yourself or the family member, friend, or ally of someone who is. Even if you have more experience and background with the LGBTQ community, you might find Getting Started useful and interesting, particularly for supporting others, enhancing your discussions with potential allies, or using as a teaching tool. Getting Started contains six sections, all consisting of slide shows. You simply click through the presentation to read its contents.

  • Help is Here tells you where to find long-term and immediate support.
  • Learning the Lingo defines terms and slang commonly used in the LGBTQ community
  • What We Choose explains sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Coming Out gives information for undergoing and supporting the process of sharing one’s sexual orientation and gender identity.
  • Getting Better discusses ways we can focus on moving forward and acknowledge the positive changes in our community.
  • Becoming an Ally explains how to support the LGBTQ community, whether you are a family member or friend, who wants to help someone you love or care for, or a professional who wants to improve conditions for LGBTQ clients, patients, and employees.

Newcomers might find it easier to view the sections in order but you can also just skip to a section of interest.

Note that some slides contain links to other resources, including our own website, PFLAG National, and its project website Straight for Equality. In some cases, a slide contains direct text from PFLAG National or Straight for Equality: in these cases, they are noted as the content source on the slide.

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