Fulfilling Our Mission

Advocacy, along with education and support, is one of the three tenants of PFLAG’s mission and a powerful tool for achieving LGBTQ equality for our own local communities, cities, and states to the federal level. We find that our advocacy is most effective when we follow these guidelines:

  • We build bridges. We strive to engage and persuade people who are undecided about or against LGBTQ equality. Our efforts can unify and rally the LGBTQ community and its allies, but it is when we move beyond our own circle that we see real change happen.
  • We focus on substance and success. We identify our most effective advocacy methods and employ them, which might require letting go of certain assumptions, listening more to others, and adopting a range of strategies.
  • We stay true to our PFLAG values. PFLAG is about love, hope, and understanding. To this end, we promote respectful dialogue, we tell our stories to open hearts and minds, and we remain a proud people who model LGBTQ equality with the dignity of our words and actions.