Through this page, you can access information and resources to support your journey as an advocate.

  • Fulfilling Our Mission explains PFLAG’s commitment to advocacy and how we best achieve it.
  • Doable Things explains the concept of achievable advocacy and its various forms.
  • Contacting Your Elected Officials provides resources and tips for writing, calling, or visiting your elected officials using the most effective strategies.
  • Why We March explains the power of visible action, from marches to daily conversations, and why it matters.
  • Every Day Advocacy gives tips for integrating advocacy into our daily lives by speaking up and modeling behavior.
  • Stunned Silence provides strategies for responding to comments from people who oppose or do not understand our community particularly when we experience a loss for words.
  • Advocacy Organizations is a list of national and state-based organizations that advocate for and provide resource to the LGBTQ community, which you might want to support or join.

For information on actions and events that support our advocacy efforts, see Activities. For additional ways to contribute, see Volunteer and Donations. If you have any further questions, please contact us.